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Who We Are

We are Princeton residents who believe in public education as a fundamental cornerstone of our democracy and the glue that helps connect our community. We have come together to support this fall’s school referendum because we are concerned about the facility challenges that our public schools are facing. These include the overcrowding at John Witherspoon Middle School, Princeton High School, and several of the elementary schools, and the exacerbation of the overcrowding at all Princeton Public Schools, as enrollment of Princeton residents continues to climb over the next decade. This overcrowding has pushed some class sizes to above 30 and limited access to courses and lab facilities, particularly in STEM subjects.

We also are very concerned about the lack of modern security features in our public schools and the frequent maintenance problems and high cost of operating our older heating and cooling systems. These are concerns that need to be addressed immediately.

We appreciate the time, care and thought that the Princeton Public Schools staff and Princeton Board of Education have committed to reviewing options for addressing these concerns and developing a facilities expansion plan that is both educationally and financially sound. We recognize that this plan will continue to be refined as the Board and staff search for ways to reduce the cost of the expansion.

We believe the schools referendum will enable Princeton Public Schools to continue providing a great education in facilities that enable all children to thrive academically, socially, and physically. If PPS is not able to modernize the facilities to address overcrowding and outdated systems, the district may need to resort to options that none of us want like elementary school redistricting, reducing the number of classes offered at the middle school and high school, and even larger class sizes. Most significantly, the facility safety and health concerns would continue.

Many of us have older children who will not benefit directly from the new construction. But we know that our children's excellent education in the Princeton Public Schools was funded by those who came before us, and that each generation must help fund the public schools that will educate future generations.

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